About Us

The Penguin Network Retail System is a unique cooperative that creates a three-way win, and even makes those who are normally competitors more successful as the network grows more successful.

How it Works

1  We Provide:

  • System expertise, installation, maintenance
  • Content Creation and Management Services
  • Advertising from non-competitve businesses to reduce cost of system
  • Place and manage advertisements via software
  • Manage Impact areas of screen to attract and hold attention of viewers (could include news / sports / weather and other content useful to the consumer)
  • Quality control for all screen content

2  Host Locations Provide:

  • Location in high traffic areas for screens
  • Access to an internet connection for content
  • Power for screen and player (system requires minimal power consumption)

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3  Advertisers Provide:

  • High quality friendly/non-competitive ads
  • Ad revenue to keep the cost of the system down for the host locations (normally $100/month)

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