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Interested in advertising on a Penguin C-Store Network? We can design your content for you!

These days it’s difficult to get your message to a potential customer in a compelling way. Penguin Network solves that problem by presenting high quality advertising to your customers when they are in the mood to buy, not when they’re avoiding commerce.

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Design Pricing: Ads

Do you need your ad designed by our professional team? We offer several options based on your budget and needs.

Static Ads  
Standard Static Ad $150
Dynamic Motion Ads
15 sec. $350
30 sec. $475
Longer or Custom Enhanced Ads
Quoted per project

Discounts available for charities and non profits

After we've designed your ad, you can order placement on a Penguin C-Store network!

Design Guidelines & Help

Make your ad count! You work hard to create a great business Image – make sure your ad reflects that.

Keep it short.  Keep it clear.  Never Cheap or Cheesy Looking.  Simple is Best.

Digital ads are considered high end, so come up with a great idea and make sure the ad improves your business image. You only have a few seconds in a store so...

  • Use only great images (we can shoot them for you if necessary). One or two great images are better than five lame ones.
  • Always include a clear call to action and/or contact info (at least 5 seconds on motion ads)

Penguin Network is family friendly, so all content needs to be appropriate for all ages, and acceptable to many stores (we’re not looking to push the limit here).

Dynamic ads have a much higher retention rate (up to 70%) compared to static ads

Did you know – Up to 50% of printed ads don’t make it to a potential client?

Digital ads are a great “green” solution, creating less waste and getting your message right to potential customers.